CBOs of Liberia is a service provided by The Development Brokers. The goal of this platform is to promote the hardworking Liberian men and women dedicated to improving the lives of their neighbors. Our worldview is based on the idea of direct giving at the grassroots level. Now all CBOs of Liberia can get the exposure and funding opportunities desperately need.

1. Create an Account

Each CBO Founder or authorised member must first create an account with CBOs of Liberia. Once the account is created, you can create a listing for your organization. Individuals can create multiple listings if they are authorized by the Founder of the organization.

2. Submit Your Listing

To submit a new CBO, click on “Add Listing” in the top menu. Once you’ve completed the form, your CBO listing will be reviewed and verified. We encourage each CBO to upload as many photos and videos of the work you’re doing in your community. 

We perform this verification to ensure all visitors that they are donating to legitimate organizations. The Development Brokers will contact directly with each CBO to verify the organization is functional and confirm contact information.

3. Get noticed and get funded

Visitors to the site will have an opportunity to write comments and even donate to your CBO via this platform. The Development Brokers and Operations Impact Liberia will process all donations and send the funds directly to the CBO. Visitors have directly line of communication to the CBO to do any follow-up on their projects and progress of activities.

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